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FDA215 (R6) - 5.5 1µA   8 Pin DIP 5 3750 l
FDA217 (R3)   12 4.5µA   8 Pin DIP 5 3750 l
CPC1580 (R1) 65 12 2mA 7mA 8 Pin Flatpack 2 3750  
CPC1590 (R1) 200 12 2mA 7mA 8 Pin Flatpack 2 3750  
AN-201 (R1) - CPC1580 Application Technical Information
AN-202 (R1) - CPC1590 Application Technical Information
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1Unless otherwise specified all products are shipped in tubes. Flatpack and Surface Mount packaging may also be shipped in tape and reel. To specify the part number when ordering tape and reel add "TR" after the packaging suffix.
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