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IXYS Integrated Circuits Division
Part numbers in Green are links to the applicable reliability report

Please contact the factory for part numbers shown in BLACK



CPC1001N CPC1317 CPC1945Y CPC2907B CPC7583 IX21844 LBA120 LCB126 MX887D PLA140L
CPC1002N CPC1330 CPC1961 CPC3701C CPC7591 IX3120 LBA120L LCB127 MXHV9910 PLA143
CPC1004N CPC1333 CPC1963 CPC3703C CPC7592


LBA127 LCB710 NCD1015ZP PLA150
CPC1006N CPC1335 CPC1964B




LBA127L LCB716 NCD1015M PLA160
CPC1008N CPC1390 CPC1964BX6




LBA710 LCB717 NCD2100 PLA170
CPC1009N CPC1393 CPC1965G CPC3714C CPC7601


LBA716 LCC110 NCD2400M PLA171
CPC1010N CPC1394 CPC1965Y CPC3720C CPC7691 IX4424 LBB110 LCC120 OAA160 PLA172P
CPC1014N CPC1465 CPC1966 CPC3730C CPC7692 IX4425 LBB120 LDA100 OMA160 PLA190
CPC1016N CPC1466 CPC1966B CPC3902 CPC7695 IX4426N LBB126 LDA101 PAA110 PLA191
CPC1017N CPC1510 CPC1966BX8 CPC3909 CPC7701 IX4427N LBB127 LDA102 PAA110L PLA192
CPC1018N CPC1511Y CPC1966YX6 CPC3960 CPC9909N IX4428N LCA100 LDA110 PAA127 PLA192E
CPC1019N CPC1540 CPC1966YX8 CPC3980 CYG2000 IX9907 LCA100L LDA111 PAA132 PLA193
CPC1020N CPC1560G CPC1967 CPC3982 CYG2011 IX9908 LCA110 LDA200 PAA140 PLA193E
CPC1025N CPC1563 CPC1968 CPC40055ST CYG2020 IXD_602 LCA110L LDA201 PAA140L PLA194
CPC1030N CPC1580 CPC1972 CPC5001 CYG2100


LCA120 LDA202 PAA150 PLB150
CPC1035N CPC1590 CPC1973 CPC5002 CYG2110 IXD_604SI LCA120L LDA203 PAA190 PLB171
CPC1106N CPC1593 CPC1976 CPC5602 CYG2111 IXD_604SIA LCA125 LDA210 PAA191 PLB190
CPC1114N CPC1705Y CPC1976YX6 CPC5603 CYG2217 IXD_609 LCA125L LDA211 PAA193 PM1204
CPC1117N CPC1706 CPC1977 CPC5608 CYG2218 IXD_609SI LCA127 LDA212 PBA150 PM1205
CPC1125N CPC1708 CPC1978 CPC5620 CYG2320 IXD_614 LCA127L LDA213 PBB150 PM1206
CPC1130N CPC1709 CPC1979 CPC5621 FDA215 IXD_614SI LCA129 LIA120 PBB190 PS1201
CPC1135N CPC1718 CPC1981 CPC5622 FDA217 IXD_630 LCA182 LIA130 PD1201 PS2401
CPC1150N CPC1726 CPC1983 CPC5710 IAA110P IXD_630M LCA210 LIA135 PD2401 PS2601
CPC1215 CPC1727 CPC1983B CPC5712 IAB110P


LCA210L LIA136 PD2601 TS117
CPC1217 CPC1777 CPC1983YE CPC5750 IAD110P


LCA220 LOC110 PLA110 TS117L
CPC1218 CPC1779 CPC1984Y CPC5902 IBB110P LAA108 LCA701 LOC111 PLA110L TS118
CPC1219 CPC1786 CPC1986 CPC5903 ITC117P LAA110 LCA710 LOC112 PLA132 TS120
CPC1225N CPC1788 CPC1988 CPC7220 ITC117PL LAA110L LCA712 LOC117 PLA134 TS190
CPC1230N CPC1906 CPC1998 CPC7232 ITC135P LAA120 LCA715 LOC210 PLA140 TS190L
CPC1231N CPC1907B CPC2014N CPC7508 ITC137P LAA120L LCA717 LOC211   XAA117
CPC1301 CPC1908 CPC2017N CPC7512 IX2113 LAA125 LCB110 M-949-11   XAA170
CPC1302 CPC1909 CPC2025N CPC7514 IX2120 LAA125L LCB111 M-980-02   XBB170
CPC1303 CPC1916 CPC2030N CPC7524 IX2127 LAA127 LCB120     XCA170
  CPC1918 CPC2125N     LAA127L       XCB170
  CPC1926 CPC2317N     LAA710       XS170
  CPC1927 CPC2330N     LBA110        
  CPC1943       LBA110L        


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